Motor Matching

VF Drive

Car Door Switch

Driven Wheel Module

Bistable Switch Module

Door Vane

Car Door Slider Module

Car Door Hanger

Belt Module

Plastic Drag Chain

Car Front-Wall Installation Brackets


Car Top Installation Attachment

Straight Beam Installation Attachment

Steel Pulley

Driven Wire Rope Module

Driven Wire Rope Module

C1020033 |

Bearing Stand Module


Linkage Board Module

Linkage Wire Rope Module

Auxiliary Switch Contact

Rope Hitch Module

Contact Block Module

Lifting Arm

Main Switch Contact

Pulley Module

Pulley Module

∅90 Steel Wheel |

Contact Switch

Switch Contact Module

Rope Sheave Module

Door Closing Force Limiter Device

Sheave Module

Rope Tensioning Device

Pulley Hanger

Pulley Hanger Module

C1020014 |

Hanger Roller

Guide Wheel |

Door Strike Plate

Door Strike Plate Module

C1020017 |

Door Strike Plate Wheel

Guide Roller |

Door Lock Module


OMS201 |

Installation Stand

Installation Stand

C1021001 |

Weight Module

Weight Module

C1021002 |

Guiding Pipe Module

Guiding Pipe Module

C1021007 |

Door Slider

Straight-Board Door Slider

A1027A300.2HA |

Integrated Bending Door Slider With Hook

A1027A300.2SH |

Upper & Lower Door Header Slide Block With Hook

A1027A300.2S |

Triangle Lock Module

90° Door Unlocking Triangle Lock

90° Triangle Lock (Right Lock) |

360° Door Unlocking Triangle Lock

360° Triangle Lock |

Wire Rope Door Unlocking Triangle Lock

Wire Rope Door Unlocking Triangle Lock |

Suspension Fixing Device

Suspension Fixing Device

C1022015 |


Composite Sill

DK01.1.1LY |

Alu Sill

A1066E100.12 |

Spring Module

Landing Door Hanger

Side Bracket For Installation

Long Linkage Board Module

Short Linkage Board Module


Auxiliary Contact

Nylon Pulley

Nylon Pulley

∅60 Nylon Pulley |

Landing Linkage Board Module

2-Leafs Center Opening Landing Door Device (Common Weight Type) OCM01-BA System

Identification number:

OCM01-BA(Panel unlocking)、OCM01-BM(Jamb unlocking)

Unlocking hole on landing panel or door jamb, passed 45kg pendulum impact test
Closing by weight type, weight and guiding pipe fixed at inner side of landing panel
Door lock qualified by the NATIONAL ELEVATOR INSPECTION CENTER, Level of protection is IP2X
Voltage for door lock: ≤ AC230V、≤ DC110V