Motor Matching

VF Drive

Car Door Switch

Driven Wheel Module

Bistable Switch Module

Door Vane

Car Door Slider Module

Car Door Hanger

Belt Module

Plastic Drag Chain

Car Front-Wall Installation Brackets


Car Top Installation Attachment

Straight Beam Installation Attachment

Steel Pulley

Driven Wire Rope Module

Driven Wire Rope Module

OCM01B4.1.3 |

Bearing Stand Module


Linkage Board Module

Linkage Wire Rope Module

Auxiliary Switch Contact

Rope Hitch Module

Contact Block Module

Lifting Arm

Main Switch Contact

Pulley Module

Pulley Module

A1027BL401A |

Contact Switch

Switch Contact Module

Rope Sheave Module

Door Closing Force Limiter Device

Sheave Module

Rope Tensioning Device

Pulley Hanger

Pulley Hanger Module

OCM01B2.1.3 |

Hanger Roller

Guide Wheel |

Door Strike Plate

Door Strike Plate Module

OCM01B2.1.2 |

Door Strike Plate Wheel

Guide Roller |

Door Lock Module

161 Door Lock

IL-32161 |

Installation Stand

Installation Stand

Installation Stand |

Weight Module

Weight Module

D252000 |

Guiding Pipe Module

Guiding Pipe Module

A1025B700A |

Door Slider

Straight-Board Door Slider

A1027A300.2HA |

Integrated Bending Door Slider With Hook

A1027A300.2SH |

Upper & Lower Door Header Slide Block With Hook

A1027A300.2S |

Triangle Lock Module

90° Door Unlocking Triangle Lock

90° Triangle Lock (Right Lock) |

360° Door Unlocking Triangle Lock

360° Triangle Lock |

Wire Rope Door Unlocking Triangle Lock

Wire Rope Door Unlocking Triangle Lock |

Suspension Fixing Device

Suspension Fixing Device

OCM01B4.1.7 |


Composite Sill

DK01.1.1LY |

Alu Sill

A1066E100.12 |

Spring Module

Landing Door Hanger

Side Bracket For Installation

Long Linkage Board Module

Short Linkage Board Module


Auxiliary Contact

Nylon Pulley

Nylon Pulley

∅60 Nylon Pulley |

Landing Linkage Board Module

2-Leafs Center Opening Landing Door Device (Fireproof Type / Fireproof adiabatic type) OCM01 System

Identification number:

OCM01-BF(Fireproof Type)、OCM01-EF(Fireproof adiabatic type)

The door hanger has a safety hook to prevent collision and fall off, passed 45kg soft pendulum test, which conforms to GB/T7588.1/2 standard requirement
Door lock voltages ≤ AC230V、≤ DC110V
Using common weight self-closing type
Standard floor height ≥ HH+600, lowest floor height HH+400
Landing door qualified by GB/T27903-2011 E120 and EI120 fireproof door certificate, Russian GOST30247.3 E60 and EI60 fireproof door certificate Door lock qualified by the NATIONAL ELEVATOR INSPECTION CENTER, CE certificate, and CU-TR certificate