Motor Matching

Permanent Magnet Motor

YCT133-5.0 |

Belt Module

M2000013 |

VF Drive

Car Door Switch

Driven Wheel Module

Driven Wheel Module

M1000042 |

Bistable Switch Module

Bistable Switch

Bistable Switch SF24-2 |

Door Vane

Door Vane Module

OMS102 |

Car Door Slider Module

Car Door Slide

A1027A300.2B |

Special Nut & Bolt

A1027A300.3 Special Nut M6 |

Belt Module

Plastic Drag Chain

Car Front-Wall Installation Brackets



M200100601 |

Car Top Installation Attachment

Car Top Installation brackets

M1002042 |

Reinforced Installation Brackets

M1002046 |

Fixing Pipe

OMJ01-03 |

Straight Beam Installation Attachment

Installation Arm Module

M2001001 |

Side Bracket For Installation

M5000050 |

Big Pull Hook_Small Pull Hook

OMJ01.26_OMJ01.32 |

Straight Tie-Rod Module_Long Tie-Rod Module

M1002015_M1002012 |

Steel Pulley

Driven Wire Rope Module

Driven Wire Rope Module

M2020019 |

Bearing Stand Module


Linkage Board Module

Linkage Board Module

M2020013_M2020016 |

Linkage Wire Rope Module

Linkage Wire Rope Module

M2020020 |

Auxiliary Switch Contact

Rope Hitch Module

Contact Block Module

Lifting Arm

Main Switch Contact

Pulley Module

Pulley Module

∅68 Pulley Module |

Contact Switch

Contact Switch

M500004701 |

Switch Contact Module

Switch Contact Module

M2020032 |

Rope Sheave Module

Rope Sheave Module

M2020021 |

Door Closing Force Limiter Device

Door Closing Force Limiter Device

M202003401 |

Sheave Module

Rope Tensioning Device

Pulley Hanger

Door Strike Plate

Door Lock Module

Installation Stand

Weight Module

Guiding Pipe Module

Door Slider

Triangle Lock Module

Suspension Fixing Device


Spring Module

Landing Door Hanger

Side Bracket For Installation

Long Linkage Board Module

Short Linkage Board Module


Auxiliary Contact

Nylon Pulley

Landing Linkage Board Module

4-Leafs Center Opening Permanent Magnet Synchronous Door Operator OMJ-202 System

Identification number:

OMJ-202A(Car Top Installation)、OMJ-202B(Straight Beam Installation)

High efficient and energy saving: Using permanent magnet synchronous motor, featured by high efficient driving , wide torque range and low running noise
Full-closed-loop control technology. High control precision. Automatic generation of door opening and closing curves. One-key debugging. Mobile phone Bluetooth debugging and remote debugging are available
Equipped with car door lock, the car door can not be opened in non-level zone. The door hanger has a safety hook to prevent collision and fall off, passed 45kg soft pendulum test, which conforms to GB/T7588.1/2 standard requirement
Driven weight of landing door and car door ≤ 320kg. Meet requirements of various types of door panel weight
Standard I/O port. Reserving CAN communication port. Equipped with data communication function of master control system. Realizing the solutions of elevator digitalization
Door operator structure is compact, lowering requirements to shaft space, adapting to small shaft and wide opening door