Ningbo Ouling (B062) invites you to the 2021 China (Langfang) International Elevator Exhibition

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2021 Langfang International Elevator Exhibition

Ningbo Ouling (B062) invites you to participate

Dear customers,

Thank you for your continued support of Ningbo Ouling. We will be participating in the 2021 Langfang International Elevator Exhibition to showcase our newly developed complete range of door system solutions. We sincerely hope to see you there!

New Product Launch

Based on market feedback and customer input over the years, we have completely redesigned our door system products. We are introducing the following new products at this exhibition:

  • Home Lift Door System
  • Goods Lift Series
  • 2-Leafs Center Opening Landing Door Device 103 Series

These products will witness a new market miracle!

Home Lift Door System: Enjoy a larger space

  • 2-Leafs Center Opening 106 Series
  • 4-Leafs Center Opening 206 Series
  • 2-Leafs Side Opening 506 Series

This series includes the 2-Leafs Center Opening 106 Series with a 40mm sill for hall and car doors, allowing for a reduction in car wall and door frame thickness to 40mm. The 4-Leafs Center Opening 206 Series and 2-Leafs Side Opening 506 Series are equipped with a 70mm sill, reducing car wall and door frame thickness to 60mm.

Compared to classic passenger and freight elevator door systems, these products optimize elevator usage space by approximately 60mm.

Quiet and Comfortable:
While national standards require elevator door opening and closing noise to not exceed 65dB, our Home Lift Door System goes beyond these standards. Through continuous testing and improvements, we have effectively controlled the opening and closing noise to be within 50dB, providing passengers with a quiet and comfortable experience.

Smooth Operation:
National standards also specify the maximum door opening and closing time for elevators. Our door system combines with the controller to achieve quick and comfortable starting and stopping, meeting the national standards. Additionally, the synchronous door knife controls the car and hall doors, ensuring a smooth experience for passengers.

The Home Lift Door System not only considers passenger experience but also installation convenience. From adjustable installation brackets (AB bracket with a wide adjustment range) to synchronous door knife gap adjustment (centering between the door knife and door roller), we provide convenience to installation personnel. Only when a good product has a controllable installation method can we provide the best product experience to customers.

Goods Lift Series: More stable, safer, and more efficient

  • 4-Leafs Center Opening 202 Series
  • 2-Leafs Side Opening 502 Series

We have enhanced the rigidity of the door-machine guide rail and added reinforcement plates to the fast door guide rail.

An interlock hook is added to prevent the slow door from being unable to close in the event of a slow door wire rope failure.

More Comfortable:
We have overcome the common problem of premature closure of synchronous door knives in the market, making the opening and closing of the doors smoother and more comfortable.

More Secure:
The top of the door machine installation has a larger space for installing door machine connections, increasing the strength of the connection and ensuring a more secure installation of the door machine.

Modular design, using the same hanging plate components, providing convenience for maintenance and repair.

More Beautiful:
The door machine comes with a light curtain drag chain at the upper end, eliminating the need to reserve a light curtain drag chain for the door panel, making it convenient for customer production and suitable for observation elevators.

Landing Door Device System: Exquisite products with higher cost-effectiveness

  • 2-Leafs Center Opening Landing Door Device 103 Series

Compared to existing domestic products, our Landing Door Device 103 Series meets the same safety standards under national requirements and offers a more competitive price.

Long Service Life:
Tested for over 2 million door opening and closing operations.

High Comfort:
Operating noise is controlled within 50dB, much lower than the national requirement for elevator noise.

Strong Compatibility:
Compatible with most brand elevators in China, suitable for various metal and glass doors.

Easy Installation:
Adjustable installation bracket, allowing for one-time installation.

Cost Savings:
The use of the 103 Series Landing Door Device and Fittings Sill allows elevator manufacturers to save on material costs while meeting type testing certification requirements. It is reliable and competitive!