Secretary-General Zhang Lexiang and Deputy Secretary-General Zhou Chunming of the China Elevator Association visited Ningbo Ouling.

Number of views:1282Release date:September 8, 2023

On August 22, 2023, Secretary-General Zhang Lexiang and Deputy Secretary-General Zhou Chunming of the China Elevator Association visited Ningbo Ouling for guidance. Chairman Pan LunKang warmly received the two leaders who visited.



Chairman Pan LunKang warmly welcomed the visit of the two leaders. Firstly, Chairman Pan briefly introduced Ouling’s production and operation situation this year. He stated that the competition in the Chinese elevator market is fierce and industry reshuffling is intensifying. As a supplier of whole elevator system components, Ouling has been able to maintain stable growth in business amid these market changes. In 2022, Ouling sold over 250,000 door operators and over 2 million landing door devices. Sales performance has consistently reached new highs, with total sales in 2022 surpassing 1.1 billion RMB and cumulative sales exceeding 1.8 billion RMB when including holding companies. The customer base continues to expand, covering over 400 whole elevator companies nationwide. This success is achieved through core competitive advantages.

Chairman Pan pointed out that in recent years, Ouling has completed the layout of the door system industry chain, creating an integrated industrial chain from raw material supply, sheet metal processing, surface treatment, component assembly (fasteners, guide rollers, shafts, sill aprons, etc.) to product packaging, final assembly, and delivery. Ouling has achieved an 80% self-manufacturing rate, ensuring cost control, quality control, process control, and even controllable delivery cycles throughout the entire product life cycle, all for the benefit of whole elevator users.

After visiting various production lines of Ouling, the two leaders expressed appreciation for the company’s strategic layout. They acknowledged that Ouling’s highly competitive industrial layout and vibrant production scale are its core strengths. Such strengths are rare domestically and stand out even more in the context of the increasingly concentrated elevator industry.



Afterwards, Chairman Pan accompanied the leaders to visit Ouling’s marketing center for home elevators. The field of home elevators (villa elevators) is another industry in which Ouling has been performing well in recent years. As early as 2012, the company started its research and development in home elevator technology. With the improvement of domestic policies and the increase in people’s living standards in recent years, the home elevator market has experienced breakthrough growth. Ouling’s home elevators, known for their exquisite design, excellent quality, fair prices, and positive reputation among users, have been reaching new heights each year. This year, the cumulative delivery volume (including OEM) is expected to exceed one thousand units, achieving a breakthrough in output value.

Secretary General Zhang stated that the home elevator market is a new blue ocean market. As China’s society gradually enters an aging population, nearly every household with suitable space will consider installing a home elevator. The key to taking the initiative in this new segment is the strength of the company, the quality of the products, and the ability to provide services. It can be foreseen that Ouling’s home elevators will continue to develop well and provide more, safer, and higher-quality products and services to the general public.