Winning Double Titles│Ningbo Ouling Awarded as “Backbone Enterprise” and “Golden Phoenix Award”

Number of views:1204Release date:January 27, 2022

Warm congratulations to Ningbo Ouling for being awarded the “Backbone Enterprise” and “Golden Phoenix Award” in the 2021 year of Yinzhou District and Dongwu Town, respectively!

On January 27, 2022, the Economic Work Conference of the Yinzhou District Committee of Ningbo City was grandly held.

During the conference, government leaders at all levels commended the enterprises that made outstanding contributions to the economic development of the whole district in 2021 and awarded them the honor of “Backbone Enterprise”. Ningbo Ouling received this prestigious award for two consecutive years, and the Chairman of the company, Pan Lun Kang, participated in the conference and received the award on stage.

Among the thousands of companies in the entire county, only 44 valuable positions are listed on the list of awardees. This honor is the greatest affirmation of the hard work of all Ouling employees throughout the year!

Whether it is in terms of safety production (any major safety accidents will be rejected), environmental protection investment (Ouling has successfully passed the environmental management system certification), occupational health care (Ouling has successfully passed the occupational health management system certification), research and development investment (Ouling obtained 11 patent certificates in 2021), or the highly competitive performance in the professional market (Ouling’s sales output value of the door system exceeded 1 billion yuan in 2021), the entire Ouling team, led by Chairman Pan, has worked together and made great efforts to contribute to the high-quality economic development of Yinzhou District, demonstrating the spirit of Ouling people’s continuous struggle and hard work.

In the following month, the Economic Work Conference of Dongwu Town was held simultaneously. The town leaders commended several enterprises among the 103 enterprises in the town that have made significant contributions to the economic work of the town in 2021. Ningbo Ouling won the “Golden Phoenix Award” (with a total of 3 places). Chairman Pan Lun Kang participated in the conference and received the award on stage. Compared with last year, we have achieved a transformation from “silver” to “gold” and steadily moved up another step. Ouling, this seed full of vitality, gradually sprouts and grows in the fertile soil of Dongwu Town. The momentum of its growth is unstoppable, thanks to the careful cultivation of all those who care about it and the efforts of all Ouling employees.

A trickle can converge into a magnificent ocean; ordinary steps can take us on a great journey. The advancing Ouling is fully prepared to sprint for 2022 with all its strength. The past is just a preface, and today’s struggle will achieve tomorrow’s glory. In the new year of 2022, we will move forward with firm steps, shining eyes, seizing the day, and not wasting the prime of life!