Leaders of the Ningbo Yinzhou District Committee, including the Deputy Secretary and District Mayor, visited our company to provide guidance on work

Number of views:261Release date:February 19, 2023

On the afternoon of February 22nd, leaders including Chen Xingli, Deputy Secretary and District Mayor of Yinzhou District Committee in Ningbo City, visited our company for inspection. They were accompanied by the Secretary of the Dongwu Town Party Committee and relevant officials. Chairman Pan Lunkang warmly received the delegation and reported on the company’s business performance in recent years.

Chairman Pan introduced that Ningbo Ou Ling has been deeply involved in the elevator components field for 30 years, forming a product system with elevator components as the core and a complete range of door systems. The company provides safe, high-quality, and stable elevator door system products to elevator manufacturers. It also focuses on serving a large customer base in the elevator industry and has promising prospects in providing ODM bundled services for residential elevators.

Mayor Chen fully recognized the efforts and achievements made by our company in recent years in business development. He praised the company’s active efforts in product research and development, process improvement, and market expansion, which have enhanced the company’s development momentum.

Chairman Pan accompanied the leaders to visit various work areas, including the automatic robot door panel assembly line, sheet metal processing area, ODM bundled services area for residential elevators, and steel trading area. After a detailed examination of personnel management, safety production, product quality, and process flow, Mayor Chen highly appreciated Ou Ling’s practicality, professionalism, and forward-looking approach in terms of process, technology, and industrial chain layout. He expressed hope in Ou Ling’s development potential and encouraged the company to seize important strategic opportunities in the new era, promote high-quality development, and stay at the forefront. He emphasized the importance of scaling up, refining products, and providing excellent and comprehensive services, assuring full support from the government.